Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the philosophy of love : iman's respose .

love shmove !
lol . but that's how it makes yu feel .
to say you love someone , in my view , is saying that yu will do anything in your power to keep them happy. it's to be a rider for your mate . it's like .. not knowing exactly where you are going or where yu are headed , but if your with [name goes here] then you don't care about anything else . it's wanting to have that person with you every minute of the day , but sacrificing that bc you don't want to get tired of them . lol . but when you truly love someone , you can't get tired of them . its everlasting like that damn energizer bunny . love to me is like .. to stop living in the "what if" stage. that .."what if he leaves ? what if he cheats?". love is forgetting all of that and trusting your mate that they will never ever do anything to hurt yu . and on the other side , love is assuring that person that you will never do anything to hurt them . because think about it , if you live in the "what if" all your life , you will never get anything done ! if i say .. "what if i get shot as soon as i open my door?" , nigga i would NOT go outside . lol . and if yu live in the What-If w. ur partner yu will never experience love. and yu WANT to experience love, trust me . although its sometimes a cruel and unfair thing, it's sooo f*ngg beautiful . =]

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