Tuesday, April 7, 2009

topic of the week : seven deadly sins , yummy .

* thee seven deadly sins:
wrath, gluttony, lust, sloth, pride, envy, and greed . which sin is most applicable to you ?


l u s t . =-$

so .. we describe lust as having a strong sexual desire for something , and as hard as it is to admit it , i commit this sin the most . three men are the cause of this, but never mistake me as the promiscuous type. this first guy . whew. he makes me weak with just the sound of his voice. before i was able to control this, but now its gotten out of hand. from his looks to his words, he's got me goin. his hair is longer than mines, and if he were to dye it green he'd look like a small , slender tree that has been written on with a sharpie by over 100 people. lol , it's ironic too because.. well , his favorite things are trees . he sings to me on occasion . haha.. some of my friends say he sounds like a dying cat but .. his voice takes me to a beautiful place. like a cotton feild with blue skies and dandelions that come up to my ankles , with my white summer dress on . he's a breath of fresh air. and i crave to hold him and embrace him . and although he's shorter than me , he measures up right to the place that craves him the mosstt. =x haha .

second guy ? he's a little more complex . i yearn for this cat everyyy nighhtt . for the past 18 years ive been getting myself ready to meet him . making sure that im worthy of his company . i know he gets around but.. it doesnt botherrr me , just as long as i get my turn . =] plus , half of the ones that be w. him dnt even treat him right ! so it's my calling to get in where i fit in . ive never worked this hard for attention from anyone else in my life ! =-O

this last guy is just the epitome of 'that nigga' . he gets it in ! all the ladies love and adore him .. even the fellas show him love [no homo tho . lol] . he takes yu to this new place of pure bliss , imagination and sound . lol sometimes .. he even does little tests to see who pays attention enough to notice some of the things he does. well i notice all the things yu do. all tht stuff in the background; even when you're fading away. and i just love it when you're around ! i would rather no one else be with me 24/7 but you . and you're always around when i need yu, boosting any state of mind i'm in. but i gotta admit.. yu HAVE been lacking lately. yu haven't been giving us admirers your all like he used to 'back in the day'. its alright baby, u'll come back around. =]

the names of these three lucky men ? yep , you've guessed it . wayne , success and r&b. so now the question is : do i really want to stop this sinning? as awful as it sounds, the answer is DEFINITELY no . imma long for these bad boys till thee end.

what a laamee right ? lol .. lame never looked so good. ;]

who got next ?

^thee gluttony sinner .

i press you up to my lips and lick . mm, sweeter than i remember before .i inhale you and the tingling of the spicy caresses my body .trust . confidence . comfort in you ... food . haha !

man, i love food . more than the average person actually . i have a deep problem with gluttony . i love food because it'll never do you wrong . it wont lie to you and deceive you . it will always be around when youre bored & in need of comfort . with so many spices, sugars, fruits, veggies, meats, breads, and sauces ... who wouldnt fall madly in love with food ? its the epitome of pleasure . i think i am a glutton because i dont gain weight . at 5'4 and three quarters and 118 pounds ... imma beast with the grub lol .i dont see the consequences, only the upside to food . food is my mistress no homo ... but it can get it . lol, dangle yams in my face & im your puppet .

someone , save me ...imma slave !! lame right ? lol .

who's up next cuhhhhs ?


so we all kno that i am always the first to get mad and the last one to get over it !
i have a huge anger problem and it is often the reason i get into altercations and it is also the reason i am hated by more people than i am loved by.. but i cnt really say that i care. i kno i should really chill sometimes and i feel like i have to a certain extend, but there will always be something in me that wont take any crap when it comes to me.my fam.or my friends. & if i cnt beat yo ass fair an square i got weapons on deck ! lmao ..

lmao.. yes it complicates things and it is often the onlee thing i regret but its O-SO-GREAT !!! i have just made the decision to practice abstinence till marriage..simply because i feel like my life would be easier that way.. i need to be able to find somebody who loves me for me and not for my body. i know its easier said than done, but imma really try this time guys !lolz..

myyyyy tuurrrnnnnn.... ely on the screen .. lmao.

Sooooooo, sloth… (perfect bc mind you it took me more then a week to post this)
for those who dnt kno wat tht means: virtue of zeal or diligence, is that it represents the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts. So this applies to me.. most of the time this sin is related to laziness and stuff like tht.... y'all kno im def the laziest one. i could sleep and do nothing all day..lol. being lazy makes me happy(dnt judge me). ooohhh but dnt misjudge my abilities... im smarter then the average and i succeed in everything i put my mind to.. if its important to me.. i get the job done.. is tht the problem? am i so chill and laid back tht nothing is truely important to me?... or is it just tht im a laid back kinda person?... shoot i'll never figure it out.. its not tht important.. hahaha, talent waster? call me what you want.. but never doubt me.

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