Wednesday, April 15, 2009

stevi's response . 'love will getchu kill't' !

my philosophy on love ? man .

love will getchu kill'd ! lol jk . well kind of . i just feel like no one really knows what love is . love is the exchange of spiritual understanding and trust . trusting someone else to have your heart is a big deal when its real . its basically a gesture that states that 'i am putting someone else before my own well-being' . selflessness is a vital ingredient in the recipe for love . most of the time, people get their heart thrown in a blender because the person they loved did not love them back . you give your all & get nothing in return ... an empty feeling .

for thee record, sex does not get you loved. it gets you screwed . lol . i neeeeed people to stop mixing up the things that love entails. its not about sex . its not about the things he buys you . its even about the things he says ....its about his actions . nothing is wrong with making a man prove his honesty. his trustworthy personality. his selflessness. love is not a race. its about taking the time to get to know someone . it should be based on friendship first & foremost . never let a boy tell you that he loves you but he cheated . he loves you but he put his hand on you . im not saying he doesnt love you, but im telling you that its not the kind of love you deserve .

i have seen what true love looks like. im not sure if it still exists though . between all the myspace, facebook, twitter, blogging, and AIM . its pretty easy for people to slip up . its pretty easy for people to move on . its produced a whole new breed of generation ...

you know what , imma finish this on my blog ... haha ! chow .

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